National Shoots and Co-Productions

Investments in Spanish productions of feature films and short films, as well as audiovisual series of fiction, animation, or documentary, which allow for the creation of a physical medium prior to their industrial serial production, will entitle the producer or taxpayers participating in the financing to a deduction:

– 30 percent of the first million of the deduction base.
– 25 percent on the excess of that amount.

The deduction base will consist of the total production cost, as well as the expenses for obtaining copies and the advertising and promotion expenses borne by the producer, up to a limit of 40 percent of the production cost for both.

At least 50 percent of the deduction base must correspond to expenses incurred in Spanish territory. The amount of this deduction cannot exceed 20 million euros. In the case of audiovisual series, the deduction will be determined per episode, and the limit referred to in the previous paragraph will be 10 million euros per produced episode. In the case of a co-production, the amounts specified in this section will be determined for each co-producer based on their respective participation percentage.

Requirements for Applying the Deduction:

1. The production must obtain the corresponding nationality certificate and the certificate accrediting its cultural nature concerning its content, its connection with Spanish cultural reality, or its contribution to the enrichment of the cultural diversity of the cinematographic works exhibited in Spain, issued by the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts, or by the corresponding body of the Autonomous Community with competence in the matter. These certificates will be binding for the tax administration competent in accrediting and applying the aforementioned tax incentives and identifying the beneficiary producer, regardless of the time of issuance.
2. A new and perfectly preserved copy of the production must be delivered to the Spanish Film Archive or the officially recognized film archive by the respective Autonomous Community.

The deduction provided for in this section will be generated in each tax period by the production cost incurred therein, although it will apply from the tax period in which the production of the work is completed.

However, in the case of animation productions, the deduction provided for in this section will apply from the tax period in which the nationality certificate mentioned in letter a) above is obtained.

The deduction base will be reduced by the amount of grants received to finance the investments that generate the right to deduction.

The amount of this deduction, together with the rest of the aid received, cannot exceed 50 percent of the production cost. However, this limit will be increased to:

– 85 percent for short films.
– 80 percent for productions directed by a person who has not directed or co-directed more than two feature films qualified for commercial exploitation in cinema exhibition halls, whose production budget does not exceed 1,500,000 euros.
– 80 percent in the case of productions filmed entirely in one of the co-official languages other than Spanish that are projected in Spain in that co-official language or subtitled.
– 80 percent in the case of productions directed exclusively by persons with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33 percent recognized by the competent authority.
– 75 percent in the case of productions made exclusively by female directors.
– 75 percent in the case of productions with special cultural and artistic value that need exceptional financial support according to the criteria established by ministerial order or in the corresponding aid calls.
– 75 percent in the case of documentaries.
– 75 percent in the case of animated works with a production budget not exceeding 2,500,000 euros.
– 60 percent in the case of cross-border productions financed by more than one EU member state and involving producers from more than one member state.
– 60 percent in the case of international co-productions with Ibero-American countries.

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