Andalucía Film Commission Goal.

· Support domestic and foreign producers of audiovisual industry in the logistics of their productions.

· Promote the dissemination of our national and international community and the quality and competitiveness of the Andalusian audiovisual services. This should be made aware of the importance of being competitive in both quality and costs of services it offers.

Andalucía Film Commission (AFC) offers the following services:

· Information on possible locations in Andalusia and professional locators proposal, made in Spain.

· Department of liaison and coordination with the audiovisual industry.

· Liaison and coordination between the community, the production companies, and the government at national, regional, provincial and local levels.

· The Film Commission offers its services nonprofit. If efforts generate a cost for Andalucía Film Commission, they will be passed to the producer applicant.

· Production logistics: room, catering staff production company, car rental, etc.

· Reservations: Andalucía Film Commission offers information on tourism infrastructure, hotel establishments, restaurants, car rentals, etc. sending the corresponding listings. The management of the reserves is for the producer.

Translation and interpretation services.

· If you request a specific service translation or interpretation, AFC facilitates contact with translation companies and performers without being involved in the recruitment and business relationship between the parties.

Production aids.

· AFC does not have equity available for production companies. However, AFC will report on the existing public subsidies to the sector.

· AFC is conducting an awareness of the work of service providers and public administration (signing of agreements) aimed at obtaining discounts and promotions for producers in the audiovisual industry in order to attract significant economic benefits on our industry.

Using private property for filming.

· AFC will provide information to national and international producers about private property that can be rented for the filming of audiovisual productions, as well as professional bodies that provide such services.

· AFC is not responsible for the results of the business relationship between producers and private landowners.


· In case of disputes, AFC will provide national and international producer signs of audiovisual law specialists, registered in Andalusia, but shall at no time act. Under the express request of the interested parties, AFC may mediate to help reach an amicable settlement.

· One of the aims of AFC is to serve as a liaison between government authorities and the audiovisual industry in order to facilitate the implementation of audiovisual projects in the community.


AFC requires:

· Credit screen to Andalucia Film Commission, as well as for provincial and Film Commissions / Film Offices or municipal or local who participated in the project.

· Grant, once the production of:

– A video copy of the work.

– A list of technical, creative and production.

– Photographs and publicity material or production.

– Desegregated information on the costs incurred in our region for their project.


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